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musicGPS is about You, Here, Now™

In 2010 musicGPS was rated No.2 in The Guardian's "top five of music 2.0".

Update your Facebook status* with what you're listening to using musicGPS™ - the iPhone family (iOS3-iOS5) music player app from musicDNA Ltd that records "the soundtrack of your life" - what you're listening to, when and where, plus photos and journal entries...

*For full functionality including synchronization and Facebook status updates (beta) sign up for a free musicDNA account at

musicGPS captures the soundtrack of your life™ - wherever you go

Use musicGPS to: play music on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch; keep track of what you listened to, where and when; add notes and pictures to those musical memories; give your Facebook status a "rich" update...

The more you use musicGPS when you're listening to music, the stronger the musical memories you'll be able to build up and go back to - long after you've forgotten where you were and what you were doing!

Open musicGPS to browse and zoom in and out of your personal listening timeline – discover what it was that caught your ear during a journey; see a map of where you listened to a particular song; and add a note-to-self or photo.

Click here for a Manhattan Timeline preview, and download musicGPS version 2.0 for free from the iTunes App Store.

musicGPS is part of the musicDNA™ music index.

You can start recording your place in it now (for free) at Coming soon: signed-up users will be the first in line to navigate and contribute when the beta version of the musicDNA index is released in 2011.

musicGPS is now available for the iPhone family* free from the iPhone App Store.

what's new in version 2.0

Synchronization - your timeline data can now be stored on the musicDNA backend server and synchronized in real-time as you go, as well as manually at any time; this enables full back-up and restore functionality as well as preparing the ground for sharing timelines with friends and family (synchronization requires a free musicDNA account - signup and privacy guidelines are at

Facebook Status Updates (beta) - once you're synced up with a free musicDNA account you can enable status updates here: while you're listening to a track in musicGPS, enter the code @facebook: (or @f: for short) on the textnote screen, followed by the text of what you want to appear in your status update - within a couple of minutes your status update should appear on Facebook...

Dual Navigation Mode - you can now toggle between Sequential and Calendar modes allowing easy navigation at different zoom levels and one-step unpacking of your stacked listening events.

Migration from version 1.0.x to version 2.0 includes a process for a one-time upload and conversion of your existing event datastore, so that all the old events from your timeline are saved as well as the new ones.

Calendar Mode Update - the start and end dates of the timeline are now displayed using much more helpful dates / times which vary depending on the current zoom level.

View modes - based on user feedback, this has been reversed so that flicking up now takes you through Album Art - Map Tiles - Text Notes - Snapshots.

Hints screen - "How to use musicGPS" now starts with a very quick Quick Start Guide; the tips and hints have been expanded and rearranged, and are now live - so that user feedback can be incorporated.

*Full location and snapshot functionality is available on the iPhone only, as the iPod touch does not have the iPhone's GPS capabilities or a camera.